Tax preparation

Tax compliance in all its forms (double meaning intended) is a moving target! The complexities are challenging enough to any individual as they’re currently written; and even more so as the tax codes are ever changing.

With the experienced professionals of Stangl & Jaskowiak on your side, there’s no need to worry. We’ll help keep you and your business in complete compliance because we’re year-round tax people. We work on taxes all year long; we upgrade our skills all year long; and our skills are based on considerable experience and intramural sharing of our ideas and

Our preparation and experience makes us expert in:

  • All individual tax returns including sole proprietorships (Schedule C), agriculture (Schedule F), and rental (Schedule E).
  • Corporate tax returns for both Subchapter S corporations and C corporations
  • Partnership tax returns including limited partnerships, LLC’s and LLP’s

For us, the story isn’t limited to mere compliance. Our larger goal is to discover every opportunity for every client — all forms of businesses, organizations as well as individuals — to keep their tax liabilities to a minimum.